Deletes an email in Outlook will NOT delete on the Blackberry


The phone will not reconcile Deletions from the desktop to the handheld. Everything else reconciles properly (read/unread, folder move, and deletion from the handheld will also delete from Outlook). However, user deletes an email in Outlook on his laptop it will NOT delete on the Blackberry.


The reconcile settings on his blackberry and it is set to Delete removes from both devices (laptop and handheld) and that if any conflicts, the Desktop wins.


One of the solution could be:

Change the "Messages state database size" from 100 (by default) to 1000.

Change the "Hard deletes reconciliation" from False to True.


And restart "Blackberry Dispatcher" service.


All settings are located in:

Servers and components - Blackberry Solution topology - Blackberry domain - Component view - Email:

go to Messaging.